PHO XAO - classic vietnamese wok fried rice noodles with carrot, onion, pak choi, soy beans and a choice of beef or shrimps. Topped with roasted peanut.

BANH BAO - Steamed Vietnamese rice bun with jackfruit (vegan) or pork belly

DOH COM - Ricebowl mit fresh avocado, edamame, tomato, cucumber, pak choi, broccoli and a choice of grilled jackfruit (vegan), wok fried lemongrass-beef or marinated grilled shrimps

FRESH GREEN PAPAYASALAD - a must have! When you've ever been to Vietnam or somewhere in south east asia, you will never go to a vietnamese restaurant without missing a green papayasalad. We do ours like our grandma teached us the recipe and like you would find it in the streets of Vietnam: Fresh green papaya slices, some carrot, tomato, fresh chili, a lot of fresh herbs and some top secret ingredients. We have a VEGAN OPTION, too!


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